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CrowdVision is a leading automated passenger analytics and insights company. Our video-based movement tracking software shows what is happening to an entire passenger population, in real time. This enables airports to act decisively to increase efficiency and profitability while improving their passengers’ experience.

The CrowdVision passenger analytics solution processes live video input from LiDAR sensors and optical cameras. The system performs passenger counting, queue analysis, and analyzes passenger flow using sophisticated AI techniques. CrowdVision outputs live passenger data encompassing everything from flows, queues and wait times to processing times, occupancy, and asset utilization.

State-of-the-art dashboards reveal actionable insights to improve real-time operations. Accumulated historical data provides reliable evidence for planning and investment decisions.

Airports of all sizes use CrowdVision’s queue analysis to improve checkpoint efficiency. By reducing queue length and wait times, airports process passengers into retail areas more quickly. Airports also use CrowdVision’s passenger tracking capabilities to understand how passengers move around retail and food/beverage areas. By understanding dwell times and retail conversion metrics, airports optimize the value of their retail space.