RPMC Lasers, Inc - Solid State Lasers & Diodes

RPMC Lasers, Inc. is the leading laser distributor in North America. We are an OEM supplier working with the technology leading laser manufacturers from the US and Europe. We offer a series of CW single frequency fiber laser for LIDAR. This laser has a perfect TEM00 output beam with up to 1W of output power and a line width of 10kHz. Not only are the optical characteristics of this laser ideal for the LIDAR signal generation; its compact, energy efficient, and rugged design make it ideal for integration in LIDAR systems in the harshest of environments. RPMC supports the industrial, medical, military, and scientific markets. We offer diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, ultra-short pulse lasers, microchip lasers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers. Also, we provide a wide range of custom solid-state lasers and laser diode subsystems.
Geospatial Applications